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the buddee story


Australia is the food allergy capital of the world which is why we're no strangers to parents juggling between preparing a meal that is easy, healthy and delicious yet safe particularly when it comes to lunchboxes for schools with a no-nut policy.


The inspiration for Buddee was born after one of our Co-Founders discovered that his children both suffered from severe food allergies which became a significant issue especially as they approached school age. 


Buddee spreads have since become a scrumptious new nut-free alternative and a firm favourite in all the homes that we've trialled and tested. As parents ourselves, Buddee has greatly reduced the time and effort spent in preparing our daily school lunchboxes and we have no doubt that it will do the same for you. 


Free from the top 10 most common food allergens in Australia, it is deliciously satisfying, jam packed with flavour, delivers high Health Star Ratings (Smooth: 5 Star, Crunchy: 5 Star, Chocolate: 4.5 Star) and most importantly, safe. 


In essence, Buddee was created not only for children who suffer from food allergies but rather ALL children and adults alike, at home or beyond. Yes, that includes parties, camps, offices and most importantly, schools.


Buddee is proudly manufactured in our purpose-built allergen friendly facility in Melbourne, Australia, using at least 95% Australian ingredients and packaged in recyclable glass jars.


We can't wait for you to welcome our Buddee into your homes. Together, let's start to change the landscape of school lunches for the better. 

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